Compare prepaid Dollar cards

If you’re going to the United States on holiday, a dollar prepaid card could be a welcome addition to your wallet. Avoid carrying around lots of cash and side-step expensive foreign transaction charges by comparing the best dollar prepaid cards at MoneySuperMarket.

Prepaid Dollar cards - ordered by biggest saving to customers based on current exchange rate with a $1000 load making 10 purchases of $50 and 5 ATM transactions at $100 each.

  1. Exclusive

    As a MoneySuperMarket customer, get a free 7-day swap when you join and an extra £50 free travel money when you load £800 or more. This offer is only available through T&Cs apply.

    Great for
    Perfect mid-market rates (0% fee) on first 7 day swap for Moneysupermarket customers
    No ATM fees for withdrawals over $200
    £50 travel money free on first load of £800 or more
    But be aware that
    You must be a UK resident aged 18 or over
    After first 0% fee seven day swap, commission of up to 2% charged, depending on how quickly you ask WeSwap to complete your currency swap
  2. Exclusive

    As a new MoneySuperMarket customer, receive £12 when you load £500 or more. This offer is only available through T&Cs apply.

    Great for
    Free card (normally £9.95) when you load more than £50 onto the card
    But be aware that
    There is a $12 charge for a lost or stolen card replacement
    There is a fee of 1.75% when card is used outside of the USA
  3. Great for
    Lock in exchange rates in advance for up to 10 currencies, the rate shown above is GBP-USD
    No international ATM fees
    Contactless payments
    But be aware that
    Usage in a country in a different currency to what is loaded on the card results in a 5.75% foreign exchange conversion fee
    Although Travelex do not charge ATM fees, some operators may charge their own fee or set their own limits. Check the ATM before using
    There is a monthly inactivity fee of £2 per month, should the card become dormant for 12 months
  4. Great for
    Purchase the card for FREE and reload at your convenience
    Load up to 10 currencies (GBP, EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NZD, ZAR, TRY, CHF and AED) and hold more than one currency at any time
    Move money easily from one currency to another whilst travelling
    But be aware that
    £3 per month fee if not used for 12 consecutive months
    £10 fee for lost, stolen or damaged card replacement
  5. Cashback

    1.5% Cashback on qualifying purchases

    Great for
    Free to buy, and no purchase or withdrawal fees
    1.5% cashback on all purchases above $50
    Free back-up card for emergency use and will buy back currency at same rate
    But be aware that
    Minimum load of £50 on ICE Dollar
    Maximum ATM withdrawal of $2,500 per day
  6. Great for
    £10 worth of currency will be credited to your Dollar card (£19.95 card fee)
    Free SMS balance checker
    No fees for overseas purchases
    But be aware that
    3% charge to load Dollar card at PayPoint

Prepaid cards are not eligible for protection under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Dollar prepaid cards offer the same convenience as a debit or credit card, but charges are typically much lower, as these cards are specifically designed for overseas use. Once you’ve spent the money you’ve loaded on to the card, you can top it up whenever you want to and, if you lose it, you can cancel the card and be issued with a replacement or emergency cash. 

Lower charges

Foreign exchange fees can soon mount up when you use a debit or credit card for your spending abroad, but you can avoid these fees with a dollar prepaid card.

With a debit or credit card you'll usually have to fork out a foreign currency charge of between 2.75% and 2.99%, which means if you spent £100, you'd pay around £3 extra. On top of this, if you withdraw cash on your debit or credit card, you'll face an additional fee of around 2% to 3% and, with a credit card, you'll pay interest from the day you take out the cash. 

However, you often won't have to pay these fees with a dollar prepaid card or, if you do, the fees will be much lower. 

But be aware there are other fees to think about – some cards will charge you when you load funds on to the card, while others will charge an 'inactivity' fee if you don't use it for a number of months. There could also be a replacement fee to pay if you want to replace your card the next year. 

Limit your spending

It’s all too easy to overspend when you’re abroad, and if you take a debit or credit card on holiday you can dip into your overdraft before you know it, or end up borrowing more than you’d planned. The beauty of a prepaid card is that you can only spend what you’ve put on it, making it especially useful if you’re trying to keep to a budget. 

Make currency movements work for you

You can use your dollar prepaid card to take advantage of favourable exchange rates in the run up to your visit to the States. Try to load your card when the exchange rate is in your favour, so that you get more bang for your buck. 

Remember however, that if you load the card with cash well in advance of your trip and the pound strengthens, you won’t be able to benefit as you locked into the exchange rate at the time. But, of course, if the pound weakens, you will be in a better position, as your dollars will be worth more.

Security advantages of prepaid cards

Taking cash with you on holiday is always risky – it only takes one pickpocket to potentially ruin your holiday. But should you lose your dollar prepaid card, you simply contact the card provider immediately to cancel it and many providers will either issue you with emergency cash or even send you out a replacement. 

Compare your choices

With MoneySuperMarket you can compare a range of dollar prepaid cards to ensure you're getting the right one for you. Check the fees carefully to make sure you don't get caught out. 


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