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Many people assume that, because cats are all basically the same size, the breed you choose is less important than it is for dogs, which come in a much wider variety of shapes and sizes.

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However, there is actually a wide range of cat breeds to choose from, so it’s well worth doing plenty of research before buying to ensure that you end up with the right breed to suit your individual circumstances.

certain breeds are a lot more independent than others.

Pleasant Persian?

For example, if you live in a high-rise block of flats, you won’t want a cat with a strong independent streak who is partial to hunting. Instead, you’ll need a cat with a very laidback and loving personality, so a Persian could be the right option for you. However, this is not a low maintenance breed, as it’s long coat means it will need daily grooming to avoid matting, so if you’re not prepared to put in the hours, steer clear.

Relaxed Ragdoll?

If you want a cat that is good with children, then the Ragdoll cat is a good bet. This breed, which is thought to have originated from the mating of a white Persian queen and Birman tom, turns floppy when picked up, hence its name. It’s renowned for being one of the most laidback breeds and usually gets along with dogs and other cats, as well as children.

This breed also requires regular grooming, however, so again it’s not the lowest maintenance choice.

Shiny Sphynx?

If you hate the thought of having to groom your cat, or you can’t stand the thought of cat hair getting here, there and everywhere, then you might be tempted to opt for the rather odd looking hairless Sphynx cat. But be warned, they can leave an oily residue on clothes and other fabrics, and they still need regular grooming to keep them healthy, despite their baldness.

If a naked cat doesn’t float your boat, then a domestic shorthair cat is probably your best bet if you don’t want to spend hours with a brush.

Screaming Siamese?

When deciding which breed to go for, you’ll also need to think about how much time you’re going to spend with your cat, as certain breeds are a lot more independent than others. If you are going to be out at work all day, for example, then you shouldn’t opt for the people-loving Siamese and Orientals who hate being left alone. They can also howl loudly if left on their own, so your neighbours might not be too thrilled.

Abyssinian cats, known for their regal look, similarly love human contact and so need to be in a household where someone is usually at home.

Gimme shelter

Your best bet if you want a cat who’s happy to be on its own may be to adopt an adult from a shelter, as the carers there will have had an opportunity to assess their nature and can tell you if it would cope if you were out all day.

You may want to consider adopting two together, so that at least you know they will have company when you’re not there.

It is also important to remember that no matter which breed you choose, you will need to get a good comprehensive cat insurance policy. That way you can be safe in the knowledge that your pet will be nursed back to health if anything were to happen.

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