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Your Guide To Cheap Quad Bike Insurance Quotes

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Quad bikes are becoming increasingly popular, either as an alternative to a motorist’s standard car, as a way for farmers and others who work on the land to get about their property, or as a way for thrill-seekers to have a bit of fun off-road.

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There are various types of quad bike and they can be used in different ways. You might, for example, race your bike in off-road events. Or perhaps you drive your quad bike on a farm or over rough terrain. You might even commute to work on a quad. But whichever quad bike you choose and however you decide to drive your bike, you must have appropriate quad insurance in place.

Specialist quad bike insurance

Most mainstream insurers refuse to cover quad bikes because of the perceived risks to the bike and the rider. But a number of specialist firms offer quad bike insurance so it is possible to find the right policy for you and your machine. Premiums tend to be pretty high, so it is important to shop around for competitive quad insurance quotes.

Road-legal quad bikes

There are basically two types of quad bike insurance. If your bike is road-legal and is driven on a public road, you must abide by the same rules as other motorists. In other words, you must buy at least third party insurance for your quad bike in case you damage or injure another person or their property.

If you want a more extensive policy, you can opt for third party, fire and theft. You are then also covered if the bike is stolen or damaged in a fire.

Or, there’s fully comprehensive insurance, which will pay for repairs to your bike if it is damaged and also take care of any medical costs you incur (this is in cases where you are at fault for the accident).

Third party quad insurance for your quad bike is usually cheaper than comprehensive cover, but it is always worth checking the premiums for all types of policy. You might find that you can buy comprehensive insurance for little more than the price of third party cover. You could then tap into any additional benefits provided by the comprehensive option.

Quad insurance regulations

Quad bike owners should be aware of the regulations on Continuous Insurance Enforcement. It is now illegal to own a roadworthy vehicle that is not insured, unless it has been declared off the road with a Statutory Off Road Notification. The rules mean that you must insure your quad bike, even if you keep it in the garage for six months of the year.

Off-road quad insurance

Some quad bike enthusiasts never take their machines onto a public road. Instead, they keep the vehicles for fun, or perhaps for sporting events. Premiums for off-road quad bike insurance tend to be lower because they do not normally include third party cover. An off-road policy usually covers fire and theft as standard. Plus, you can normally buy a range of optional extras to tailor the policy to your needs. You might, for example, want to include motorcycle breakdown cover, accidental damage, personal injury, your helmet and other accessories.

Age limits

Most insurers impose age limits on quad bike insurance and will not cover young drivers under the age of 19 or 21. They also typically insist on a full driving licence – a provisional licence is inadequate.

Many firms will consider drivers with convictions, though the premiums are likely to be higher. Don’t forget that if you make any modifications or alterations to your quad bike you must inform your quad insurance provider; otherwise the policy could be invalid.

Cut the cost of quad bike insurance

Quad bike insurance can be expensive but there are a number of ways to cut the cost of cover.   Most insurers offer a discount to careful owners who do not make any claims – this percentage . You might also earn a discount on your premium if you join a quad bike members’ club or agree to drive only a limited number of miles during the policy term.

Quad bikes are attractive to thieves, so insurers tend to charge lower quad insurance quotes if you fit approved security devices, such as a ground anchor with a chain and lock, an alarm or tracking device. It also helps is you keep the quad bike in a locked garage when not in use.

Compare quad insurance online

You can compare cheap quotes for quad bike insurance with MoneySupermarket’s free, independent comparison service. We list the details of the leading quad bike insurers to help you find the best deal at a competitive price.

For more ideas on how to reduce your quad insurance premiums, visit our motorcycle insurance money saving tips page.

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