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Vodafone handles more than 74 million calls a day and is committed to continually improving the Vodafone network, indoors and out, in both rural and urban areas. Most importantly, Vodafone is investing more £1 billion in its mobile and fixed networks, to ensure that it is future proof.


Continually providing new products and services, Vodafone offers innovative ultra-fast 4G with the option of selecting generous data allowances. Red Value Bundles have been designed to work in conjunction with downloading, uploading and streaming over 4G, with content available from Netflix, Spotify Premium, NOW TV Entertainment and Sky Sports Mobile TV.


Vodafone Wi-Fi calling now allows customers to make calls where no mobile signal is available. Free Vodafone apps can be downloaded to check usage and get things done like managing contacts.


Vodafone Group PLC is one of the world’s leading communications companies and its global presence has allowed Vodafone to offer moderate calls charges when abroad. Vodafone also offers travel bundles that can be added to an account to enable the user to use their existing calling and text messaging allowances.