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Launching in 1997, HTC has fast become one of the leading smartphone manufacturers, following closely in Apple and Samsung’s footsteps.

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Although the company was initially involved in the manufacturing of laptops, HTC’s first mobile phone first hit the shelves in 1998.

Once the success of its touchscreen phones took off, HTC soon followed suit, launching the first ever Windows Phone smartphone in 2002, with the first Microsoft 3G smartphone hitting the market in 2005.

HTC can also be acclaimed for being the manufacturer of the first Android smartphone, the HTC Dream. With a retro swipe screen revealing a physical keyboard within, the HTC Dream put Android on the map back in 2008.

Despite dwindling market share following the rise of Samsung and Apple, HTC managed to get back in the game with the game changer that is the HTC One.

Demonstrating innovation at its very best, the HTC One changed the face of the smartphone world with its fresh take on design, technology and user interface. It brought us innovations such as BlinkFeed and HTC Zoe, whilst also shunning megapixels in favour of its UltraPixel camera.

The HTC One won a number of awards, including the Gadget of the Year in the T3 Gadget Awards 2013, the most innovative smartphone by Business Insider, and Global Mobile Award for Best Smartphone at Mobile World Congress 2014, to name just a few.

Since the launch of the HTC One, HTC has continued its winning formula with the HTC One Mini, HTC One Max and the HTC One M8.

Along with the release of the HTC One in 2013, HTC also launched its reinvigorated advertising campaign, which included adverts featuring Robert Downey Junior. The global campaign urged the public to demonstrate what HTC stands for. Hold this cat? Humungous Tinfoil Catamaran?

Oh, in case you were actually wondering, the letters actually stand for High Tech Computer…

HTC isn’t just known for its high profile flagship smartphones, however. With its range of mid-range and budget handsets, HTC offers a phone for each and every budget. Devices such as the HTC Desire 610, for example, offer the best of both worlds, with beautifully crafted, colourful designs teamed with true HTC technology and innovation. It even supports a range of Microsoft-powered Windows Phones, including the HTC 8X and 8S, for those who want to add even more colour to their lives.

And with HTC now a household name across the world, who knows where the Taiwanese company will go in the future. Rumour has it that it will tap into the tablet market in a bid to keep up with the big dogs such as Sony, Apple and Samsung. But whatever is in the next chapter for HTC, we know it’s going to be good.

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