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    Our guides to buying Life Insurance

    Here at we have put together a series of guides to help you get the best deal on your life insurance. Read our guides for tips on finding the right policy for your individual needs and learn how to lower your premiums with our money saving ideas.

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    Family Life Insurance

    Life insurance for families

    Best family cities

    Use our interactive content to find the best place to raise a family in the UK


    We'll help you work out how much cover you need

    Cost of raising a child

    How much does it cost to raise a child?

    Critical Illness Cover

    Find out what's included in a critical illness insurance policy

    Cutting the cost of life insurance

    Life insurance – tips to cut the cost

    Death in Service

    Find out how death-in-service might affect your life insurance premium.

    Decreasing Term Life Insurance

    What does decreasing term life insurance cover?

    Diabetes and Life Insurance

    Does having diabetes mean I can’t get life insurance?

    Do I need Life Insurance?

    Find out if life insurance is the right option for you.


    We answer some of the most frequently asked questions about life insurance.


    Life insurance - everything you need to know

    Health Hotspots

    See where the most active UK cities are based on availability & affordability of sport events

    High Risk Life Insurance

    What is high risk life insurance?


    What is joint life insurance?

    Level Term Life Insurance

    What is level term life insurance?

    Life Insurance Cover Levels

    How much life insurance cover do I need?

    Life Insurance and Funeral Costs

    Find out what options are available to help cover the cost of a funeral.

    Life Insurance with 'No Medical'

    Can you take out life insurance without a medical examination?

    Life insurance & Tax

    Work out your tax options when taking out life insurance

    Life insurance and pregnancy

    What options are there when taking out life insurance when pregnant?

    Life insurance and ‘trusts’

    Understanding life insurance and trusts

    Life insurance for smokers

    How much does smoking affect the cost of life insurance?

    Life insurance gift card explanation

    Here’s what you have to do to claim your gift card

    Life insurance vs mortgage life insurance

    What's the difference between life insurance and mortgage life insurance?

    Life insurance – what are your options

    Find out which type of life insurance policy is best suited to your needs.

    Life insurance: the big questions

    Find out what topics you are likely to discuss before speaking to a life insurance advisor.


    What is mortgage life insurance?

    Prepared for Life?

    Answer 8 simple questions and find out how financially ready you are for the next stage of your life using our interactive tool

    Real Cost of Life Insurance

    Small savings to make a big difference

    Single vs joint life insurance

    Should I get single or joint life insurance?

    Terms and conditions

    Life Insurance Epic Reward terms and conditions

    Types of life insurance

    Which sort of life insurance do you need?

    Understanding Critical Illness Cover

    Do I need critical illness cover?

    Whole life

    What is whole-of-life assurance?