Lifetime Stocks and Shares ISAs

With a Lifetime Stocks and Shares ISA, the government will top up your annual investment with a 25% bonus.

The ISAs listed below give you the opportunity to invest in stocks and shares, with the government adding a 25% bonus to your annual investment. But there are strict rules on who can open a Lifetime ISA, and on how the plan can be managed

The Lifetime ISA, or LISA, is the latest tax-efficient savings plan from the government.

The Lifetime ISA rules are quite complex, but if you are a millennial keen to save for your first home, or if you are thinking about putting money aside for retirement, a LISA could be a good option.

And with a stocks and shares LISA, you have the opportunity to invest in stock market assets, rather than in a cash saving scheme.

Stocks and shares are more risky than cash, as the value of your investment can go down as well as up. But the flipside is that your investment has the potential to perform better than a cash deposit. Just remember that, with stocks and shares, nothing is guaranteed.

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Lifetime Stocks & Shares ISAs : Ordered A – Z