Who we are, and what we do

How can MoneySuperMarket help you?


We’re not owned by an insurance company, and can focus on what’s right for our customers


We look after your personal details and only get in touch when we can save you money.


Striving to get you the best deals we can and because of our size, we’re able to negotiate fantastic offers on your behalf    

How do we make money?

Put simply, we earn money when you save money, rather than charging you any fees. Across most of the products we can help you switch, it works like this…

You use to find the deal you want

You click through to a bank, insurer, energy supplier or other company’s website, and apply or switch there

If it all works out, the company will pay us a fee

The deal a company will give you is not affected by our fee – we work hard to make sure you can’t get a better deal directly on their websites or in branches.    

Do we work with every provider?

Our aim is to search deals from as wide a range of companies as possible, so that you can choose the best product for you. But not every company can be included…

  • Some companies don’t want their products included on comparison websites

  • Others choose not to pay us a fee – and we need to be able to make money to pay our employees

  • A few smaller providers can struggle to cope with the sheer number of customers who can find their products if they appear on


The MoneySuperMarket Group is proud to have supported several UK charities who do crucial work over the past 13 years.

Across MoneySuperMarket and the other companies in our family – TravelSuperMarket and – there is an almost constant stream of bake sales, sporting activities, and individual challenges – and have even included endurance trips to Kilimanjaro, the Atlas Mountains and Machu Picchu.    



£152,680 raised 



£101,902 raised 



£72,727 (as at Jan 2018) raised 

Let us know how we are doing

Finding out how our customers feel and how we can help you is crucial for us in helping UK households save ever more money.

Please get in touch if you have any questions for us, or just want to let us know how we are doing.

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