Holiday Home Insurance

Holiday Home Insurance

If you are lucky enough to own a holiday home, you will want to protect your property in case something goes wrong. Insurance is therefore essential. But what sort of policy do you need?

A holiday home is vulnerable to the same risks as your main home. The roof could be damaged by a storm, flooding could ruin the decor, or a burglar could break in and steal your wide-screen TV. If you own a second home, you therefore need both buildings and contents insurance.

But standard house insurance cover is not enough for second homes because it does not normally pay out if you leave the property empty for more than 30 days a year. It will also typically exclude any lettings periods.

We want to show you as many insurers as possible, so that you can choose what suits you best. But, we can’t promise to show you every single insurer, because some insurers don’t want to be included on comparison websites.

We think a good holiday home insurance policy should include public liability insurance, and cover your property when it's not occupied. We also think you should be covered for loss of rent or income. We prioritise the companies that include these things in their standard policy, so they appear higher in our list. The insurers who only offer some of these things in their standard policy appear lower down in the list.