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Our guides to switching your Energy supply

Here at we have put together a series of guides to help find the best gas and electricity tariffs for you. Read our guides to see how you could save money on energy bills and learn how to easily switch suppliers and save even more.

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Be an energy shopper

Shop around for an energy deal

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation can save you money

Cold Weather Payment

Payment Eligibility

Collective Purchasing

Collective switches

Compare electricity prices

Guide to electricity pricing

Compare gas prices

Guide to gas pricing

Comparing energy tariffs

Why should I compare energy prices?

Different Energy Products

Gas and electricity products explained

Dual Fuel

What is a dual fuel tariff?

Economy 7 Meters

What is an Economy 7 tariff?

Energy Meters

Gas and electricity meters

Energy Performance Certificate

Energy performance certificate details

Energy Saving Tips

Top 11 ways to save energy at home

Energy Saving White Goods

Energy efficient white goods

Energy Top 10 Deals page

Shop around for a better deal

Energy fuel mix

Supplier energy fuel mix

Energy market under scrutiny

Why is the energy market being investigated?

Energy monitor

What is an energy monitor?

Energy price promise

Not switched energy in 12 months? We'll save you £100 or pay the difference

Energy tariff ending

Energy tariff end-dates explained

Energy usage groups

Understand energy usage groups

Feed-in tariff

What is a feed-in tariff?

Find my supplier

Find my energy supplier

Fixed price energy

Fixed price energy tariffs

Fuel Direct

What is Fuel Direct?

Fuel Poverty

Can you pay your energy bills?


Energy bill jargon buster

Green Energy Guide

What is ‘green’ energy?

Green energy tariffs

Green energy tariffs explained

Home insulation

Insulate your home and save energy

How To Complain To Your Energy Supplier

How to complain to your energy supplier

Independent Gas Transporters

What is an Independent Gas Transporter

Latest Deals

Latest Deals on Gas and Electricity

Loft insulation

Save energy through loft insulation

Monthly Direct Debit

Monthly direct debit payments

Monthly Variable DD

Monthly variable direct debit

Moving home

A guide to moving home and sorting out your energy supply

Payment Card

Payment Card

Payment methods

Paying your energy bills

Prepayment Meters

Prepayment energy meters guide

Quarterly Cash or Cheque

Quarterly cash or cheque

Quarterly Direct Debit

Quarterly direct debit

Renewable energy

Compare renewable energy prices and suppliers

Smart Meters

How smart meters work

Smart thermostat guide

What is a smart thermostat?

Social Tariffs

Understanding social tariffs

Solar Power

Solar power energy saving

Solid wall insulation

Save energy with solid wall insulation

Switching Suppliers

Will I save money if I switch energy supplier?

The Green Deal explained

The Green Deal explained

The perfect boiler

Finding the perfect boiler

Understanding bills

How to understand your gas and electricity bills

Warm Home Discount

Government energy discount scheme

Warm home discount explained

Warm home discount explained

Win your energy bills paid

Complete your energy switch at MoneySuperMarket and you could win your energy bills paid for a year

Winter fuel payment

What is the Winter Fuel Payment?