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What is motorcycle breakdown cover?

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Breaking down in a car is bad enough. But – providing you are not on the motorway’s hard shoulder – at least you can sit in warmth and shelter.

Breaking down on a motorcycle is an entirely different story.  Not only are you exposed to the elements, you are also more likely to be alone and more vulnerable.  And, of course, this is not even to mention the cost of recovering your motorbike back to its rightful place in your garage.

All in all, this is why getting a motorcycle breakdown cover package in place is a must. This way, in the event your two-wheeled transport suffers a failure, you are safe in the knowledge that you are only a phone call away from help and recovery.

You will need to find the right motorbike breakdown cover for you though in terms of the annual cost and what the deal covers – and this is where MoneySupermarket comes in. Whether you are a classic bike owner or planning an overseas biking holiday, our motorcycle breakdown cover comparison service can help you find the policy that matches your requirements.

Types of motorcycle breakdown cover

The first thing to get to grips with is the fact there are two main kinds of motorcycle breakdown cover; personal policies and vehicle policies. A breakdown personal policy is where a single rider is covered on any bike should it break down, while logically, a vehicle policy is where the individual motorcycle is covered for breaking down regardless of who is riding it.

Covering yourself on any bike at all is an expensive option as the breakdown provider has no idea what bike you will be riding, so has to opt for the highest risk when it comes to pricing – but at least you know you will never be stranded in any circumstances. Choosing just to cover the motorbike and not the person will cost less but won’t be suitable for riders who have access to other bikes that they use from time to time.

Levels of motorcycle breakdown cover

Once you have decided on which type of breakdown cover policy best suits you, the next thing to look at is the level of cover you require. This will vary considerably so do your homework first rather than finding out how far your motorcycle breakdown cover stretches when you are stranded on the side of the road.

Roadside level cover:  This is the most basic of motorbike breakdown cover. It will mean an engineer is sent to fix your motorbike at the side of the road. If attempts to fail your roadside breakdown cover will pay for your motorcycle to be taken to the nearest garage. You will however have to pay the cost of any replacement parts.

National: This is the next level of motorcycle breakdown cover. It includes everything that is available at the Roadside level, but offers additional guarantees that you, your passengers and your bike will be transported to the destination of your choice if initial attempts to repair the vehicle at the roadside fall short.

Home Start: This offers the same level of service that is provided at National level but also applies to any breakdowns which happen at home. With Roadside and National motorcycle breakdown cover there are stipulations in the small print on how far away you need to be from your home before repairmen are sent out. Usually you are permitted to make a call out when you are between 0.25 and one mile away from the home address stated on the motorcycle breakdown cover policy.

Onward Travel: This is the most comprehensive motorbike breakdown cover and also, of course, the most expensive. It offers all the same cover as Home Start but goes further than that in paying out for any additional travel and/or accommodation that’s required as a result of your breakdown. Usually a cap is imposed on the amount that you can claim however.

European motorcycle breakdown cover

If you are planning on taking you motorbike abroad on a road trip for example, you will need to purchase motorcycle breakdown cover which includes Europe protection. This will not be automatically included on the majority of standard policies so read the small print carefully.

You should expect to pay a higher annual cost for breakdown cover which incorporates Europe but it’s a small outlay compared to if your motorcycle was to go wrong when travelling on unfamiliar roads on the continent. For more information on European motorcycle breakdown cover visit our European breakdown cover page.

Reduce the cost of cover

Once you are armed with all you need to know about breakdown cover for your motorbike – and what is and is not included on the policy – you can save yourself a considerable sum by employing a few money saving tips.

For example, some providers will offer cheaper renewal deals to existing customers who have not made a call-out for the 12 months since buying the policy. And even if it doesn’t you are perfectly entitled to haggle the quote down.

Finally of course make sure you compare a range of quotes for motorcycle breakdown cover policies before you sign on the dotted line.

For more ideas on what you can do to reduce the cost of cover, take advantage of our breakdown cover money saving tips.

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